Tips For Passing A Home Inspection

For many of us looking to purchase a home or buy a home the process of the home inspection can be a scary one.  To start off with you want to make sure that the company and employees that you are using are reputable.  In some past inspections there have been some questions in my mind that they were telling the truth on specific areas.  To help you feel at ease, make sure to ask for and verify their home inspection license.  If you don’t feel that they are telling you the truth, investigate and possibly write up a complaint.

Do a walk through yourself

This is going to be one of the best things that you can do.  Now, of course we don’t expect you to be an expert on damages to your home, but you do know your home better than anyone else and can identify things that don’t look right or comment on things if the inspects passes them by.

home inspection license

In this walkthrough look for cracks, water damage, chips and other damage.  In most cases, a home will be damaged by wind, rain, snow and other elements.  You want to look and see if you have cracks or gaps in your windows or around your doors, you want to look for warping in the floors and walls and anything that just looks odd.

Have any paperwork on repairs available

The next thing that you can do is have a list of all of the repairs and improvements that you have done to the house.  You want before and after pictures, receipts and more.  When you can show documentation to your inspector that work was done on it and that what they are pointing out may be cosmetic then it can help with you passing your inspection as well as giving you legal rights to sue those that have done the work if you fail the inspection.

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