Is There a Good Time of Year to Spray For Ticks?

Spending time outside in the spring or summer with the people you love most is one of the things that you families everywhere love to do, making memories and having a good time together. Whether you’re all pitching in on some lawn work to make the yard look great or just spending some time playing under the sun and catching some rays, if you have ticks in your yard, they will eventually try to find a chance to bite.

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You probably already know that ticks love tall grass and shady spots in your yard, and a few ways you can mitigate potential tick bites by using homemade or store-bought sprays on your skin. What about when it comes to treating the yard in general? Is there a best time of year to consider treating your yard for ticks so they will stay away while you are trying to have a good time outdoors?

When You Should Have Your Yard Treated

Arguably the best time out of the entire year to have your yard treated for ticks is when the ticks are in their very early stages of life (also known as their nymphal time). One of the most common types of ticks in the United States are deer ticks, and for them, this window of opportunity would open right around late May or in the beginning of June.

While you could go ahead and spray earlier in the spring, it might not have as big of an effect on the tick population in your yard, since they usually have a quite short mating and reproduction season. As such, having the yard treated when all of these newer ticks are in their earliest stages of life should help easily kill them or drive them away from your yard.

When you’re ready to have your yard treated for ticks, all you will need to do is give a call to the residential tick control wilmington professionals so you can go back to enjoying your yard in peace, without having to worry about tick bites.

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